Wednesday, January 9, 2019

TAST - Week 1, Chain stitch

First week of 2019 with Sharon Boggon's Take-a-Stitch-Tuesday Challenge. Starting the year with chain stitch, and I'm already slightly behind. Lots remaining to be explored with this stitch, but it's a start. I'm interested in the layering effects, loops and breaks-- in chains that start out strong then dwindle. Maybe weak links in a line of stronger stitches. How to achieve that...ramblings.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Gardens of the Heart

Done and posted for India Flint's collaborative "Gardens of the Heart" poetry flag project. stitched onto a bit of a soft-with-age, but tenderly cared for placemat found at goodwill. The gold border evokes dreams of celebratory gatherings with good food and fine company.

Legacy projects

My mother, who was not a procrastinator, started with 5 stockings-one for each grandchild. Together we tried to continue as the grandchildren acquired spouses. Then came her great grandchildren. That makes 20 stockings on the list. When she stopped, I....well, I procrastinated. Each year, I was going to finish out the legacy she started. This year it's done. Nearly done. All but 3 are done and delivered. Remaining...1 spouse, 1 new baby coming our way in 2019, and 1 extra...just in case. Wrapping up what she began, stitching love and protection into every one, just as she did for those she made and would have done for those she left behind.

Travel Gifts - Morocco "Penny Pockets"

The first thing you learn in Morocco: Everyone needs change, and no one seems to have it. A small going away gift for fellow travelers - 1 Moroccan dirham stitched into a tiny pocket embellished with my very rough version of some of the tribal emblems we saw. Add a note and a hand of Fatima charm (plucked from some earrings bought in the Medina), and the deed was done. Fellow traveler Julie (from the Land of Oz) had made the rope as a past-time on the bus, and left it in the end-of-trip giveaway pile (lucky me)! The fabric was courtesy of our fearless leader Fiona, she with the hennaed hair - offcuts brought from The Stitching Project and shared around. See more of her here and here.