Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Travel Gifts - Morocco "Penny Pockets"

The first thing you learn in Morocco: Everyone needs change, and no one seems to have it. A small going away gift for fellow travelers - 1 Moroccan dirham stitched into a tiny pocket embellished with my very rough version of some of the tribal emblems we saw. Add a note and a hand of Fatima charm (plucked from some earrings bought in the Medina), and the deed was done. Fellow traveler Julie (from the Land of Oz) had made the rope as a past-time on the bus, and left it in the end-of-trip giveaway pile (lucky me)! The fabric was courtesy of our fearless leader Fiona, she with the hennaed hair - offcuts brought from The Stitching Project and shared around. See more of her here and here.

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